On the Trail of DanCoyote

(PLEASE NOTE: I have not reproduced images of any of Dancoyote’s art because I did not have permission. But if you check out the articles and websites below or even do a google search, you will see LOTS of images of his work)

I have to admit to this…. Dancoyote Antonelli is one of the reasons I started a Second Life account and I am a squealy fangirl. THERE it’s said and it’s out there. Now you can all just take your superior hats of judgement and go sit on them elsewhere <GLARE>

For those of you who do not know…Dancoyote Antonelli is a LEGEND! You heard me…LEGEND!!!!! OK… before I go off on waves of bliss and have to hyperventilate into a bag again, let me tell you a little about Dancoyote and why I admire him so. You may as well find a comfy chair and some popcorn because this may take a little while…

Dancoyote Antonelli is the Second Life avatar of D C Spensley. I first came across him when I was doing a bit of research into virtual art and I came across this gem of an article, which actually led me into exploring second life art more closely and in turn getting an avatar and account myself.

1. Dancoyote was one of the people who made being an artist serious and relevant in SL. Now THAT is a polarising statement so please let me explain. The economy for artists was very low and Art for Art’s sake was not really a viable career choice for Artists in world. DC brought about a new push in world for art being one offs instead of reproductions. If you brought a DC it was an original and there were no others like it.

2. He started an ART MOVEMENT. Hyperformalism. It is the classical use of abstraction and formalism in a hyper reality state. http://www.dancoyote.com/?page_id=17

3. Zero G Sky Dancers!!!!! What incredibly inspired and inspiring art. This took performance and installation art to a whole new level of ecstatic awe. If you have never seen it, do a search on Youtube and WATCH it then sit down and have a weep with me because neither of us got to see it as it played out in world.

So, like a super sleuth, I traced the history of Dancoyote and watched it unfold before my eyes. From the beginnings when Ars Simulcra tempted him into the world. I got angry when someone tried stealing his art. I laughed out loud and joyously when he had a script commissioned to stop that. I watched the rise and rise of the Skydancers and the explosion of articles that proliferated from the success of this incredible talent.

There was one last post in 2013 and then…


And I thought he had gone from Second Life forever. It felt like DC was Willy Wonka and he was closing the doors of his chocolate factory. My heart broke a little and I mourned for the loss of a beautiful story unfinished and a joy that had been and passed into the meta….

But then….this….

dancoyote-was-here13092016_002DanCoyote Antonelli, Thank you for your donation of $L1000.

This footprint…

This clue…

This hope of a story yet to be told and a wonder yet to be seen…

Dancoyote had been HERE.


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Journal Articles
The Fibreculture Journal 11. Art and (Second) Life: Over the Hills and Far Away?

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