The First Five Days in the Second Life of Mangrovejane (Part 3)

You know who I am and why I am here by now. If you don’t, go back and read Posts 1 & 2 ya big slacker! Let’s get started shall we….

Days 3 and 4. Now what am I going to do? I have NO idea and no Money. Where are the quest markers? Where are the directions for where to go and what should happen? Why is it so hard to move around ANYWHERE? WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?!?!?!??!?!?! I may have hyperventilated into a bag a few times. I am a girl that likes goals and structure. I thrive with something to aim towards and a plan to get there. This was not at all that and I was not at all thriving. So I did what I would usually do in real life when faced with a fork in the road of my life, I point my steel capped boots in a direction and stomp off down the road.

This turned this day and the next into the best and least embarrassing days of them all to date.

I started looking for art galleries and installations. I used the in game search feature combined with my old friend google. I read some blogs, got some ideas and off I went. I spent two days lost in a haze of, “OMG” and “HOLY MACARENAS!!!!” and <jaw on the floor>.

I visited worlds that were surrealist installations, I visited galleries that housed contemporary art works done by people far more talented than I and galleries that held traditional works from classic artists.

I visited the Musee de Louvre.

musee-de-louvre_001Musee de Louvre

I saw an incredible world that was a pop art gallery of the Artist De Moya

moya-land_001Moya Land
and was blown away by a trippy Ars Simulcra installation world.

ars-simulcra_001Ars Simulcra entrance

I sighed that I had missed DC Spensley’s, “ Sky Dancers” by two years and that I had missed Bryn Oh’s, “ Singularity of Kumiko” by less than a month. I was inspired and thrilled. I couldn’t wait to see the next world and the next after that. I bookmarked them all with plans to return to each one and really LOOK at every little thing and every little detail.

I visited university campuses. The University of Western Australia where parts of the uwa_001actual university campus have been recreated in Second Life and where they hold classes and exhibit the students art works. The University of Texas San Antonio (aka UTSA Tejano Tech) that also holds revolving art exhibits of their students work in their ultramodern looking gallery that dominates the world that holds smaller installations all over.

In the back of my mind a small thought grew and with that thought a smile. I wrote that thought into my Masters proposal draft and dreamed dreams that seemed way too big and smiled a smile that was way too joyful and went to sleep seeing a new reality building itself in my mind.

Musee de Louvre
Moya Land
Ars Simulcra
University of Western Australia
UTSA (University of Texas San Antonio)

Bryn Oh

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