Fighting the Prejudice of Bad Press

Ok…let’s just get this out there. Second Life has a terrible reputation. Whenever I mention it to gamer friends I am met with snickers and innuendo. Comments like, “Second Life? Sexy life!”, “Are you going to get all furry now or turn into a Bronie?” Seriously…sometimes I think people get stuck in adolescence and ignorance. Most of these people have never set foot inside Second Life. All they have to base their opinions on is gossip and rumour and press from YEARS ago.

So I would like to dispel these rumours for my readers. SECOND LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT. When you close your mind with ignorance and prejudice you miss out on the truly beautiful and wonderful and amazing and GENEROUS gifts that other people have brought to the world.

You miss out on the Fairytale


You miss out on the learning
You miss out on the quiet moments in beautiful places
You miss out on the laugh out loud ridiculous
You miss out on the creative thoughts of other people


You miss out on classic references
And you miss out on the opportunity to look at the world in a different way

I don’t care about other peoples sexual practices. Each to their own and what happens between consenting adults is absolutely none of my business. For me, Secondlife is so much more than the sensationalised bad press that people seem to want to hold on to. I hope that by showing you the world through my eyes, that you will also look at it in a different way and maybe, you too will see the people behind the avatars and the wonder in all that was dreamed and delivered by these incredible people, past, present and wherever the future may take us.

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