It’s Chinese New Year’s Eve and as someone who has some Asian heritage, this becomes a HUGE celebration for my family. So I sort of combined my (terrible) GIMP skills with my (equally terrible) in game photo skills and did a photo shoot at one of the most beautiful Sims I know, The Shinzen Japanese Garden at the Yosemite Sim made by the incredibly talented Jadyn Firehawk. Now I understand that TECHNICALLY this is a Japanese Garden and not a Chinese garden but…well…tough…work with me a little here you critical people!!!!!

I honestly didn’t think this in world photography business was going to be so…time consuming and…demanding of my time and resources. When I first had the thought to just take a photo, I simply assumed I would pop into a place, whack off a couple of shots…DONE! I did not take into account that BEFORE I actually took ANY photos, I had to:
1. Choose a location
2. Ask permission from the owner to be able to take photos there
3. Get together an outfit
4. Have a meltdown about outfit at least 5 times before just choosing one…any one.
5. Accessorize. SERIOUSLY!!! What is going ON here?!?!?!?
6. Have another meltdown because it all looks ridiculous
7. Give up in exasperation at my complete lack of fashion skills and just teleport to the location already.
8. Trample all around the location in aforementioned ridiculous outfit (as there are no change rooms onsite, it was a case of wearing what I was going to be photographed in) seeking out picturesque locations

…and THEN….I spent AGES setting up each shot, waiting for the right pose to kick in, waiting for my facial animations to kick in, fiddling with lighting, putting the lighting settings back to what they originally were before taking MULTIPLE PHOTOS of which I would eventually only pick about a dozen. And of that dozen, I whittled them down to the four you see here. <deep breath>

So… I was first introduced to the Yosemite Sim through a member of the group, Ch’Know. I was looking for scenic Sims to wander around in and am so glad I was pointed in the direction of this Sim. Jadyn has not only left a plethora of gorgeous gifts EVERYWHERE for people to enjoy free of charge, but also has made some truly beautiful areas as well as some really fun places to visit. I have been base jumping off sky high platforms (don’t ask…there was a lot of screaming involved…there may have been tears…I am a sook about heights even in virtual reality), I have gone galloping through fields on horseback, I I wandered trails up mountains and down valleys and have also sat quietly in peaceful places. There is information about the RL Yosemite National Park in the visitors centre as well as more free gifts, prints and even a 3D map of the sim. If you are looking for a little holiday spot in beautiful surrounds with lots to do, there are even some gorgeous little cabins at really reasonable prices or homes in the Japanese village for rent.

On top of all this, Jadyn runs a non-profit foundation. The mission statement reads, “The Pixel To Pixel Foundation’s mission is to assist people in Second Life who are on disability. By granting them weekly Linden-dollar stipends, we help to make it possible for them to have homes, buy things, and pursue creative interests in SL that they might not otherwise be able to afford.”

A truly worthy cause, a wonderfully talented and creative woman and a breathtakingly gorgeous Sim with so much to give, mentally, spiritually, virtually and really. Thank you Jadyn, for your vision. And on that note…onto the pics!
(Please note that all of the following pictures have not been altered with a third party program, Only the very first photo at the top was altered using GIMP to include text. The following photos are taken using the in Second Life camera tools.)


SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Yosemite/193/64/25
Head: CATWA head – Cami from the Mainstore
Hair: CATWA hair – Leah Bounce from the Mainstore
Headpiece: Tribal Tiara Ember v.2 by MadMacit in the Marketplace
Body: Maitreya Lara from the Mainstore
Dress: Ex-Cheongasm Oriental Style Dress – Black with red and gold detailing by EXTAL in the Marketplace
Armband: Saturn Brass Bangles by TwosistersTreasureGirl in the Marketplace
Earrings: Saturn Brass Earrings by TwosistersTreasureGirl in the Marketplace
Shoes: .:KC:. KENDRA in the Marketplace

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