The Splendor of Rivendell


rivendell-books2-13022017_001Rivendell…I heard about this place through various social media platforms and being a fan of Tolkien, I HAD to go and see for myself. It is one of my favourite things to wander through the visions of other people. I enjoy seeing how they will put together a place and a space. Quite often places allow you to fly or run or just teleport all over the place. I don’t mind that if it is a large landscaping store or something similar. But for the most part, especially in places like these, I just walk. I walk and pause and ponder and look at every little thing and notice the detail. It is a small joy. This is probably why it takes me so long to get around a place like Rivendell and also why I prefer to wander these places by myself and lost in my thoughts.
kneeling-statues-at-rivendell-entrance-13022017_001The music throughout is perfectly suited to the sim. It seems like such a little thing, but I really like it when the music matches the mood, it adds to the experience of BEING there. Walking from the entrance point, up over the little hill, suddenly, the world becomes magical. It is ethereal and beautiful. The statues that are set up to point your way are perfectly positioned to give you the feeling that you are being led on to something more…when you are ready.
The attention to detail is startlingly breathtaking and at the same time the lag is next to non existent. There are moments of glory, delight and beauty. There are many nooks and crannies and little places set up in unexpected locations to sit, or take photos or just to take a pause. There is a large hall set up perfectly for weddings or other events.

While I love the beauty of this place and respect the hard work and creativity that has gone into setting up this sim, if you go there, you should keep in mind that this is INSPIRED by Rivendell, not an exact replica. That being said, if you are looking for a place to take some photos, or get married or even just to hang out or explore…go. Go to Rivendell and be inspired and amazed. Go to Rivendell and think quiet, joyful thoughts. Just…go…and see the splendor for yourself.

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