Month: February 2017

A Sunday Afternoon Walk in Walden Pond

A post in which I go for a bit of a stroll in Walden Pond


A post in which I do my first photo shoot

The New House Build and Learning to Reference Second Life Creators

A post in which I show you around my new Second Life home

Fighting the Prejudice of Bad Press

A post in which a get a little bit rantypants

Byrd Island

A post in which I wax lyrical with some POEtry.

My First Apartment

A post in which I finally decide to put down roots and get an apartment

The Dreams of Academics

Today I did some exploring and research into universities that still have their sim worlds online. I was sort of hoping I would be able to find one that had some signs of life. I had read an article about the University of Western… Continue Reading “The Dreams of Academics”

On the Trail of DanCoyote

A post in which I get all fangirly and stalker like over a Virtual Artist

At the End of My First Week

So at the end of the first week, here are some of my thoughts. These are some of the things I wish I could most go back and tell myself…. Hello Adventurer! How YOU doing? So you want to join Second Life? Well…Sit down… Continue Reading “At the End of My First Week”

The First Five Days in the Second LIfe of Mangrovejane (Part 4)

A post in which I decide to build a little