Living on the Mainland

Everyday616042017_001I went looking for other people’s experiences of living on the Mainland in SL and couldn’t seem to find any. There are a few posts about living in Bay City but there is more to the mainland than that! I want to state straight up…I love living on the mainland. I like the quirkiness of it, the characters you meet and the weird builds you come across in really unexpected places. I like the pods that tour all over the place and the train service and the boats that run up the river outside my place and the pontoon that crosses the river between the rail station and the ONSR info platform. It’s just such a testaRiding the pods 13042017_001ment to the creativity and whackiness of people and the freedom we have to build and make things and enjoy the differences in each other. Because I love it so much, I think I would like to address some of the most popular complaints I have heard people say about this place I hold so dear….

The lag will kill you. I have never had a problem with lag on my own parcel quite honestly. I have also never experienced it on any of my adventures throughout Mainland. I assume it is there because people always complain about it! It may be my really crappy computer (I am overdue for a new one but I am really attached to the one I have and its little quirks!) but I get more lag when visiting events or stores or quite often private sims that are really mesh or texture heavy. I know if I attend an event within the first couple of days or if there are a lot of people at an event my frames drop down to less than 10 and the likelihood of me locking up my whole computer and having to do an emergency restart of the system is really high. But walking around mainland, or even stomping around in my AT-ST, not ever a problem. Everything rezzes in at a decent speed and I don’t think my computer has actually crashed during my travels regardless of the vehicle of choice at the time.Metaphysical Bridge Ahead 13042017_001

It’s ugly. Now this is something that bothers me. Ugly is such a terrible word. It’s so judgmental in the rudest way. I don’t find the mainland ugly. I think it is beautiful. When I am at home, I admit I often have my camera pulled in tight because there is no need to have my draw distance set at more than 200m. Not because of the sky clutter or the neighbours, just because I am usually pottering around in my house and keeping the draw distance low doesn’t upset my computer so much. I quite like the sky clutter. It just makes me happy to look up and see that people have built things IN THE SKY which is something that would never happen in real life. Some people get really creative, some have platforms that are breathtakingly beautiful from the outside. I have a real fondness for those floating island type platforms with the waterfalls that come off it and the clouds around the base. OH! And I also like the one that look like planets or moons or steampunk airships or Space stations, so if you are thinking of putting a skybox up, don’t put a boring box up…get something GOOD up there!!!

I like seeing the many different things people build and scatter around the place. I like the humour in unexpected places and the eclectic crazy creative gorgeousness that can be found EVERYWHERE you turn. There is history to be found here and pride and the stories of the people who have left their mark.

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Neighbours. Ok…I have read a lot of complaints about neighbours. I may just be really lucky, but my neighbours have been delightful, amenable, approachable and sensible. The real estate place that rents out the most delightful of houses, set out like a village right next to me always has someone in attendance. They are quiet, their office build is sweet. Their houses fit in nicely with the landscape. Mostly, the houses around me are small builds with lots of landscaping and my property backs on to quite a lot of mainland that is the property of Linden Labs. I keep to myself mostly, and try to build respectfully and thoughtfully with regards to my neighbours. I let the ONSR people know when the pontoon has accidents and they come and replace it or fix it. It’s just a really peaceful place.

So how did I get to this place? Well…I actually spent a lot of time looking for my mainland property. I had a clear idea of what I wanted. I pretty much scoured the map and found the snowlands and from there I just hit every place with a dollar sign attached. Before I bought, I researched quite thoroughly various other blogs that talked about buying property. I first owned a smaller property not far from where I currently reside, but sold that complete with the house I built to my neighbours at the time. I used to walk from that one to my current one often at all times of the day or night. It was an abandoned property at the time and I opened a case with Linden in order to put it to auction and that 48 hours it was up for auction, I think I slept very little. I actually felt anxious and sort of sick and every time there was a counter offer to my own, I had a mini meltdown.  The sense of relief I felt when it closed and I was the winner of the auction was something I hadn’t expected.

When I got there, about 5 minutes after the close of auction, moved my things over, settled on the land that was now mine and started to build my cosy little two wing cottage…I knew that I had found my home. I am proud it’s on the mainland…what a glorious place that is. House 18042017_001


5 Comments on “Living on the Mainland

  1. An Ozzie girl living in the snow … and loving it. Who’d thought about that?
    Gonna reblog your quirky story now.


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    • LOL! Thanks! I think because I so rarely get to see snow that I feel the need to compensate for that by living in the snow permanently in SL!! 😊


  2. I agree with everything you said. My avi has lived on the Mainland for all her life, and loves it, too… especially because of it’s quirky unpredictability (:

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