Coffee Break! (Episode 1)

I thought I should share this here as this is what I do in between blog posts and my art degree and…life. I make videos about the world of Second Life. I hope you all enjoy it as a change from my wordy ramblings!

Join us for a COFFEE BREAK as Alicia Chenaux and Mangrovejane chat about some of the events and happenings of Second Life. This episode we are going to highlight:

Shopping event: SUMMERFEST (June 30 – July 20th 2017)

Summerfest entrance_001

Charity shopping event: HAIR FAIR (July 1st – July 16th 2017)
There are links to all the SLurls at the Hair Fair Blog which can be found at
Wigs for Kids Charity Website

Hair Fair Entrance_001

Art News: The Revival of UWA

UWA in SL3a_001
Weird Product Spot: Curio Obscura’s Sock Puppets Typing Overrider
Subscription Box reminder: Deco(c)rate (8th of every month)

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