The Cafe Scene of Second Life

OK!! I know I am procrastinating but I am at a really mind numbing bit of my project and just need a BREAK so STOP JUDGING ME!! Everybody just calm down a little…time for me to do something totally unrelated to my art project for awhile and find a new cafe hang out in Second Life. I know what I am looking for…I can see it in my head, I just need to FIND it and SURELY amongst the great variety of cafes out there, the one I want to spend some time in is out there.

So…let’s get started shall we? FIRST STOP was one someone suggested on Plurk

A link to Hy’s Bakery led me to a city back street with a bakery not to be seen in sight…until I looked in a shop that sold buildings. Lo and behold! BAKERY. Being sold. As a building. Colour me disappointed.**

Hy's Bakery_001

NEXT! I opened up the destination guide to see what I could find and scrolling through the list came up with one that sounded sort of promising…”Fool O Beans. A coffee shop designed for the true coffee freak.” Well, I am a coffee freak. Speaking of which…at this point I actually need one in real life…Right. Where was I? Ahhh that’s right…fool of beans…nope. This place is set on the mainland, and I am a FAN of mainland, but this is a little….outdated. And primmy. NEXT!

Fool O Beans_001

Le Petit chat looked promising…but I was put off by the pastel jellybean coloured chairs. Set on the photogenic Rayne sim, this cafe is set out spaciously. It’s open air and the sim is large, but for me, it lacks the coziness I am looking for. It’s probably great for large gatherings of people or for a party. The decor is nice and everything a cafe should be but the pastel chairs are…wrong. BUT if you are looking for a great sim to take some photos in, this one has a lot of photo opportunities and is set up for it.


Libations Coffee Shop2_001Libations Coffee Shop was a pleasant little surprise. Not what I am looking for exactly. Set in an old church but wonderfully presented with a good eye for decor and comfort. The decor was a little sparse in places inside but it was light and bright and airy. There was an outdoor deck with a mike all set up for some enterprising young singer…however as lovely as it was…not quite my cup of coffee…

Libations Coffee Shop_001

And then I found Il Nido Cafe and Wine Bar. From the very first glance when you teleport in, this place is welcoming. The music stream is mellow and contemporary. The decor is eclectic and warm. There are games scattered through the cafe itself and a guest book that asks you to name the book you are reading now (I love this idea a LOT). The outside areas are autumn themed. There are wonderful nooks and crannies to explore and sit in. It’s cosy and for such a small place (full disclosure…it is located in a sky dome), is filled with all sorts of wonderful that makes you forget about its size. I can guarantee you won’t miss anything a bigger place would give you. This place is big enough for a group of people, but also intimate.

Il Nidos1_001

So if you are looking for a great place to sit and while some time away, or chat with a friend, or to hang out with a group of friends, come meet me at The Nest. I’ll be the quiet one in the corner drinking coffee and smiling at you shyly as you walk in.

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Hi Cafe_001**I was given a new link to Hy’s bakery and took another look. This place is CUTE. And you need to read that WITH THE CAPITALS. this place is also set out on the mainland, but in a super classy nice area of mainland. It is bright and airy with a plethora of plants and good seating options. It has an outdoor deck area that overlooks water, it’s just….small. A great place to go by yourself, but get more than one person in there, and you will be pushing each other into the walls.


Fool O’ Beans

Le Petit Chat

Libations Coffee Shop

Il Nido Cafe and Wine Bar “The Nest”

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