#SecondLifeChallenge – My Seven Second Life Facts

7 Second Life Things_001So, the wonderful Strawberry Singh has set this challenge for bloggers and vloggers, so I thought I would give it a bit of a go on both my blog and my vlog. So this week was all about 7 Second Life facts that my readers/viewers do not know about me…

Shopping Haul_0011. I find sorting and organising my inventory soothing. I can spend quite a long time sorting my inventory folders into groupings and when I am really stressed and busy in my real life, I will often log into Second Life and start opening boxes and sorting them into categories when I need a brain break.

2. I am great at making acquaintances and terrible at making friends. It took me about 6 months to even really talk to anyone in world. It’s not that I won’t talk to people, it just takes me a while to warm up to people, but once I have you on my radar and I am sure all my over the top enthusiasm and crazy isn’t going to drive you off screaming into the sunset, I am totally yours. Part of the truth is also I get really focused during the semester on art projects and working out my dissertation, and unintentionally ignore everyone who isn’t in my immediate eyesight, which means if you send me a message in world, I probably won’t see it or get back to you.

3. I HATE being asked by people in Second Life what I do for a living as I get really self conscious about telling people what I do and have to force myself to say it in order to get over that. I end up sort of blurting it out while cringing in real life then overcompensate by trying to explain it and mentioning it far too often. I feel like if I say it often enough, one day I can say it without cringing.

4. Before I log out at night, I have to get dressed in nightclothes of some sort and put myself to bed. Which is why I LOVE beds where you can actually GET UNDER THE COVERS TO SLEEP. If I had one request of SL furniture makers it would be please please PLEASE make me some more beds where you can get under the covers.

5. I go AFK a LOT during the day. I am often tabbing in and out while I am working and have been known to walk away from the computer and forget I was logged in. I also work in Second Life a lot, as my post graduate studies is based there, but if I am working, I will have an autoresponder on and a lot of the time as I am pretty distracted and once again, in and out of windows on my computer.

6. I collect weird or unusual vehicles. The weirder the vehicles, the more I like them.

7. I like to make the houses I live in. I started making low prim small houses to fit my small piece of land, and went from there into an open plan two wing house and now I live in a large 2 story house that I have yet to really finish. It still needs texturing done in places and walls need a bit of aligning. But it was my first all mesh house and a labour of love, so I am ok with that. It gives me little projects to do when I am not sorting my inventory 😉

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And for anyone interested…here is the VLOG post of all that https://youtu.be/mkcA9w11unI

And lastly, but not leastly…the original blog post by Strawberry Singh can be found here… https://strawberrysingh.com/2017/10/09/secondlifechallenge-seven-second-life-facts/

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