Sweet Dreams Are Made of These

Sweet Dreams9 17012018_001I am TERRIBLE at doing these posts. It’s not that I don’t want to talk about my art and why I am doing what I do, it’s just that sometimes it really hard to find the words to do so. Recently, it came to my attention that I have to start to write about it because I will be expected to write about it a whole lot more. So this is where things sort of became a bit serious. I had a small panic attack, breathed in and out into a paper bag, and then I made the decision to just write the blog post that accompanies the pictures I do.

So firstly, I love books. I love studying and I love my bed. It’s that sort of escapism where you can shut the rest of the world out and enter another. Or you can learn something you never thought possible. Or you can be prompted to think about unexpected things. There are always books everywhere in any house I have, bot most especially in the bedroom. The bedroom is such a personal space. It is always one of the first spaces I decorate when I put down my new house. I throw my books out and a few of my favourite knick knacks and I choose a bed that allows me to climb under the covers at the end of my night.

So even though the rest of my house is a big old mess. I am still moving things in and trying to fit furniture into spaces and landscape a forest, this is one place in amongst the chaos where I can dream and think and feel calm and at peace, because here, I am at home.

Another reason why I am terrible at this is simply because I am just not used to it. When you paint a still life or a portrait, you don’t write a list of credits for everything that is in the painting. When you do an installation you don’t write, “CREDIT: Fruit bowl from Target, Bed sheets by Kmart”, anywhere on it. However, in Second Life it is very much of the culture and expected that when you do a picture, you will credit the creators. It is an interesting way of driving the economic engine of the world, of giving a shoutout to some incredibly talented people and also letting other people know where they can also get the same stuff. I have been very slack at doing this, which has given me terrible guilt gut for a long time. Unfortunately there is no antacid for guilt gut, there is only facing it head on and doing what you know is right to do.

So to all the talented creators who made the things that went into the making of this scene and also my actual bedroom, I salute you!


Body: Maitreya Lara
Head: Akeruka Lulu
Hair: +elua+ Filia Ombre
Outfit: Paper Arrow Co. Onesie gacha Ink
Pose: Made by me with Anypose
House: Scarlet Creative Mistletoe Lodge; Bed: Bazar Traveller’s Bed; Pillows: Zen Creations Totally Sleepless Pillow Set; 8f8 – Storyteller’s Burrow – Book Bank Full; Sidetables: Bazar Traveller Night Stand; Lamps: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Leafes Lamp Gold; Curtains: Soy. Vintage lace curtain; Vine Lights: +Half-Deer+ Firefly Vine – Frost; Doll: Garbaggio//Archibald Gachum; Tea Cups:[Merak] – Jewelry Cups; Alarm Clock: – The Pitchman – Vintage Clock Red; Fish Bowl: +Half-Deer+ Baby Kraken – Black Cherry; Teddy Bear: <:*BoOgErS*:> Grin Bear; Rugs: Mori. spiral rug . free spirit; Charging Station: Chi(T) Cluttered Charging Station; Book Stacks and Clutter: Sway’s [Ten] Stack of Books, SAYO – Stationed in Soho Gacha – Open Books, Floorplan. Notebook clutter, FloorPlan. Book Clutter, [ zerkalo ] Huge pile of books RARE, +Half-Deer+ Book Clutter – Stack – Dark, Fancy Decor: Magazine Stack, -RC-Cluster New You Self Help Books – Stack for Table.


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