You Got This

Eleven Days ago I started a 100 day challenge. Now this challenge actually started with my real life daughter who is learning violin when her lovely teacher challenged her to do 100 days straight of practice. If she missed a day she had to go right back to the beginning. I should point out that the actual amount of time does not matter. It’s the reinforcement of a daily routine that matters.┬áNow this is great, but on its own was not going to motivate my daughter…what she needed was an incentive to keep going and a punishment if she did not.

So, to sweeten the deal a little, we decided to compete, because my family is actually ridiculously stubborn and competitive against one another. For the most part, we are actually quite sweet but if you get us in a game of monopoly for instance, it is the dirtiest, most underhanded rip your throat out game, you will ever dread to encounter. We made a rule that if someone missed a day, they had to put $10 into a tin and at the end of the challenge, the person who reached Day 100 first, would win all the money in the tin.

Sounds easy right? 100 days…that’s only a third of a year. NO PROBLEMS. WRONG! I decided that I would make my challenge 100 days of exercising at the gym. I hurt all over and have battled the worst case of “Don’t wanna’s” EVERY DAY. I really hadn’t thought this through quite clearly enough because seriously…I feel like I am doing extreme 100 day boot camp. And I REFUSE TO GIVE UP BECAUSE I WANT TO WIN DAMMIT. On the upside, I am starting to run faster and for longer. I have added some extra weight and reps onto my strength routines and it is starting to feel GOOD to get up and move everyday.

So, that is where today’s photo and blog post has come from. It’s a little bit of my real life leaking into my Second Life. And believe it or not, after spending an hour doing this photo, I actually felt really motivated to go to the gym and get my exercise on!


You Got This 2779x1472

Location: Alpha Gym

Body: Maitreya Lara
Head: Akeruka Lulu
Hair: no.match_ ~ NO_LIE ~ UNICORN !
Eyes:[Buzz] Gleam Eyes – Chocolate
Shoes: Eliavah ~ Althea’s Kicks [FATPACK]
Tattoos:.Identity. Body Shop – Rise Strong; .Identity. Body Shop – Pure Heart

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