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Linden Lab recently announced that premium members would now be receiving DOUBLE the FREE mainland allotment (from 512sqm to 1024sqm) and a 10% tier reduction for mainland fees, which personally, I think is GREAT. If I wasn’t already a premium member, I would certainly be an enticement for me to consider premium membership. As I already am a premium member and own land on the mainland already, it still works for me as it reduces my tier fees. I haven’t made it a secret about how much I love mainland. I have lived there since I bought my first property. Since Linden Lab announced I have noticed many questions cropping up over the Second Life Facebook groups I am in about how to but mainland property and claim their free 1024sqm. As a result I thought I would throw together this quick explanation of the basics of how to do so. Please note…If you are buying property within a land group, I am not going to cover that here as that is another set of rules that complicates things. I am also not going to cover renting here. So let’s just stick to the basics for now…

Everyday616042017_001There are a few different ways to go about buying mainland to collect the bonus if you are a premium subscriber, but some things you should know before you commit…
1. Do NOT pick up your free linden home. Or if you have, abandon it. A linden home will take 512sqm of your 1024sqm allocation.
2. Check out the tier pricing and allotment chart. Basically you can get anywhere up to 1024sqm FREE but be aware that as soon as you go over that by even a sqm, you be thrown into the next tier bracket. So a few examples…
Example 1. You buy a piece of land that is 1024 sqm exactly. This will be FREE
Example 2. If you get 1025sqm of land you will be paying the next tier level up (1536sqm) which is $4 per month.
Example 3. If you get a piece of land that is 1582sqm you will be paying $7 per month as it is in the 1537sqm to 2048sqm tier bracket

With me so far? GREAT! Let’s move on then to actually how to go about buying the land. There are a few different ways to go about this. The three ways I will cover here are:
1. Auctions
2. Buying from the map
3. Buying from a friend

To buy a piece of land at auction, you will need to go to the SecondLife auction page where you will see a list of land for sale, the price the current bid is at, the amount of bids and when the auction ends. Just a couple of tips here:
a. Don’t bid too early. There is plenty of time. Usually you get about 48 hours to make a bid and if you bid too early, someone is likely to outbid you before the end of the auction.
b. Know your price and stick to it. It’s easy to get auction fever and pay way too much.
c. Please check out the land you are purchasing. If you left click on the name of the place, it will take you to a page with the Slurl to teleport you there. Just take a moment to check the place out and see if it is somewhere you want to live and make sure it isn’t right next to a nightclub or that the block isn’t some weird shape that you won’t be able to build anything on.

So basically from here, you just place your bid. Fill out how much you are willing to pay and off you go. You do get notified if you get outbid so you might want to just keep an eye on things and pop back if you get that notification to put in another bid. With a bit of luck, by the end of the auction, that land will be yours!

Buying Land from the map.
Sinkhole! 13042017_001This was actually how I bought my first property. Basically you open up the map, click on a $sign in an area you might want to live and go check it out. When you click on the $sign, it will give you the details of the size of the property, the price being asked for it and that price translated into $L/m2. If you like the land and are happy with the asking price, simply right click to bring up the About Land details then Buy Land. That property will become yours immediately. If you have bought more than the free allocation, you will start paying tier as of the beginning of the next month.

Abandoned Land.
Another way you can buy land from the map is to buy abandoned land. So if you click on the map and find some land you like but found it was abandoned, you can open a petition with Linden Lab to put it up for auction. I did this with my second property. To do this, you go to the Submit a ticket page. Use the drop down menu in “Issue Type” to choose “abandoned Land”. Then type in the name of the region which can be found either on the map under “Region” or in the Location bar at the top. Cope and paste the Slurl. Add a little note in the space provided saying you would like to purchase the land please and from there, a support person will contact you and let you know when your land will go up for auction. Then you will have to go through the auction process as I described earlier.

PHEW! So THAT is a basic guide on how to buy a mainland property. If I had some overall tips for you on getting what you want it would be…
a. ALWAYS check out the property. Check it out at different times of day (because we all have different time zones). Open the map and check out what is around you and at what times of day. Go for a walk and see what is in the neighbourhood.
b. READ the articles on buying land on the blog Cassandra’s Corner. It is basically the best and most comprehensive guide to buying land that I have found and helped me A LOT when I was buying my first land.
c. Remember this is MAINLAND. It is going to be quirky. That is part of its charm and the fun of it. You can always build in the sky or keep your camera pulled right in.
d. And lastly, those 1024sqm blocks are looking pretty pricey right now but if you keep your eye out, look around and have some patience you’ll find something you like and want. It might take the market a little bit of time to settle at the moment because a lot of people are rushing to buy mainland for now, but if you are a bit clever about it you could also buy a bigger parcel for less per sqm and sell off some 1024sqm blocks yourself to people to recoup your buying price or even make a profit!

This has been a bit of a long instructional post today but I hope it helped some of you with the confusion of buying some property on the mainland!

Buying mainland Blog 2780x1472


Body: Maitreya Lara
Head: Akeruka Lulu
Hair: -FABIA- Mesh Hair Unnatural
Eyes: Atelier Pepe – Dreamy Eyes – 05
Dress: ISON – sahara wrap dress – Maitreya – moroccan blue
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer – Dream Feather necklace – short
Rings: (Yummy) Bohemia Ring Set
Shoes: Pure Poison – Moody Blossom Boots

House: (Milk Motion) rainy forest full pack; Plants: [DDD] Zen Bamboo – Square ; Apple Fall Reaching Plant; Lamps: 22769 – Geometric Floor Lamp – COMMON ; [IK] Wooden Dummy – Lamp D; Couch: [ keke ] refurbished sofa – wood 2.0 ; Coffee Table: [DDD] Reclaimed Coffee Table ; Rug: Sway’s [Vondra] Rug with fringes . woven; ~BAZAR~ Arizona Bar Stool; Storybook: :CP: La Belle Story Book RARE


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