It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas – The SL Christmas Expo Part 2. The Jingle Bells Sim

BREEDABLES!! I have a fascination with breedables. I think it’s pretty incredible that in a virtual world we make things that simulate life in some way and that can recreate one another. There was even a whole sim once called SVARGA that had the most incredible array of simulated life. It was an artificial ecosystem that reproduced itself. Plants grew, insects pollinated plants…or so I am told. I wasn’t around when the original SVARGA was built in Second Life but I have toured the new Svarga. It is still a place of impressive beauty and thought and a wonderful testament to what once was. But…I digress…I was talking about Breedables.

So Breedables, for those not in the know are virtual pets that can be fed and bred to make brand new pets. Some of the offspring will be rare and you can make quite a decent amount selling the rare ones. I am unashamedly particularly fond of the Buildables Breedables, which are robots. Not only do they come in all sorts of incredible designs (Check out the One of a Kind buildable at the at the Auction…it’s seriously fabulous) but the community are super friendly and the creators/managers are top notch in their customer service.

If you head out to the Jingle Bells sim though, you will find all kinds of breedables from horses and cats to robots and fairies and even Cannabis plants!!! There were definitely breedables there I had not come across before and it was just kinda nice to walk around and see what is available.

OH! And don’t forget the dates for the auctions that are being held here too….

The Silent Auction runs from the November 30th at 9am SLT to Sunday, December 9, 10am SLT and you can put your bid in and see the One of a Kind breedables at this Slurl:

Live Auction bidding will open Sunday, December 9, 10am slt. The opening bid is the final silent auction bid.

SL Christmas Expo - The Jingle Bells Sim

What the heck am I wearing? (Makeup) Tone 2 EyeGloss,  Tone 2 Festivus Pallette Lipstick; (Skin) Lara Hurley Abby; (Hair) Magicka Sparkle; (Eyes) Atelier Pepe; (Head) Akeruka Lulu; (Body) Maitreya Lara Clothing: (Boots) Charisma Designs Ankle High Heel Boots; (Top) Charisma Designs Nina Cropped Sweater; (Pants) Charisma Designs Nina Leggings; (Jewellery) Meva Boho Gacha Belly Chain Silver; (Pose) Ana Poses Sydney 1

SL Christmas Expo Website

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