Making a (Linden) Dollar in Second Life by Reselling Gacha


Let’s talk about gacha reselling. This is apparently quite a controversial thing in Second Life for a few reasons. Gacha are basically machines in SL that hold a set of items by one creator. These items are transferable, most times modifiable but not copyable. These sets contain common items as well as rare(s) and you pay a certain amount of Lindens to play for the items you want. They have multiple events (Arcade (1), The Epiphany (2), The Gacha Life (3), Gacha Garden(4)) based exclusively around gacha and they have proven to be quite popular. Gacha have become a huge part of the culture in Second Life, economically, socially and visually, and so, I have done this little video explaining the whole thing and what I do with my gacha in order to make some extra (Linden) Dollars.

For me, I get a kick out of reselling gacha items because I kind of like to see it being used by someone else who can get some use out of it rather than having that item sit in my inventory. It’s like second hand goods…I genuinely also like having items in RL I no longer need or use either sold, donated or given away as well.

I like having a little shop that I can go to, stock with items and sell things in that other people may want. It keeps me out of trouble and amuses me when I am having some down time and its fun to set things up the way I want. In all honesty, you could probably make a much better living out of gacha reselling than I do if you were really serious about it and worked at advertising and bumped your prices up a bit more, but that’s just a bit much like hard work for me.

My own gacha store (5) is located on one of the Gimme Gacha Sims. I chose this particular place for a few reasons. For a start, I liked the layout and the look of the sim. It seems to get a lot of traffic through. They have lots of incentives for people to buy there such as a rewards scheme and giveaways. They are competitively priced. I pay 1000L per month which works out to be 250L per week for 250 prims. Management is really active here so if you have a problem or need some advice, they is usually someone on hand to talk to.

So that is my take on one of the ways to make a Linden dollar in Second Life and the whole gacha situation. What do you think about gacha? Do you love them or hate them? What do you do with all your extra gacha if you play?

The Gacha Shop

What the heck is going on here? (Pose) Ana Poses Sydney; (Hair) Magika First Light; (Head) Akeruka Lulu; (Body) Maitreya Lara; (Skin) Lara Hurley Abby; (Eyes) Atelier Pepe; (Glasses) =Rebellion= Savant Specs; (Top) Tres Blah Carrington Cardigan and Undershirt; (Pants) Pixicat Classy Pants; (Necklace) Maxi Gossamer Violette Cut Bead Boho; (Shoes) Empire Flax 

1. The Arcade
2. The Epiphany
3. The Gacha Life
4. The Gacha Garden
5. My own gacha resell store, “All The Things”

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