She WAS the Storm

I have had this picture in my mind for a very long time. I actually took the original photo for it last year and have been slowly working on my GIMP skills in order to get it somewhat close to where I wanted it to be. Truth be told I will always look at my pictures and artwork and think they are not finished and see their imperfections. I have a tendency to see what they are not, rather than what they are. However, there comes a time when you just have to stop and move on and for me that time is now. This picture has taught me everything I needed it to teach me, so now it is time to let it out into the world and show you what I have been working on so I can start a new and more ambitious project.

This photo was highly edited using the GIMP program. I love this as editing and drawing software. I can hear your groans and exclamations of, “WHY DON’T YOU JUST USE PHOTOSHOP?!?!” Well…umm…just because ok?? I like GIMP, I am familiar with it and I like supporting open source software and developers whenever I can. Also…I’m a poor art student and am too cheap to fork out for the photoshop subscription. Add to that, GIMP is a powerful tool when used properly, it can do some really amazing visuals and I’m really impressed with how it performs. So yeah, you can just keep your GIMP complaints to yourself.

I can’t even begin to explain what I did in order to get it to this place. However, over the course of doing this photo I have learnt a whole lot more about using layers correctly, different ways to use gaussian blur, inserting backgrounds, choosing different brushes for different effects and playing with colour curves and gradients. I’m going to link some GIMP tutorials I have been following down below for my own records and also for anyoone who is interested in learning some basics and new techniques.

But for now, that’s enough blabbering from is…

Title: She WAS the Storm.
Artist: Mangrovejane
Medium: Digital Online Photography (manipulated)
Size: 4448px x 2355px

She WAS the storm//

What the heck is she wearing? (Body) Maitreya; (Head) Akeruka Lulu; 
(Hair) Tableau Vivant - Summer Hairplay - Coromuel;
(Eyes) Buzz Gleam Eyes; 
(Outfit)Wiccas Wardrobe Naesala Armguards, Belt, Dress;
(Shoes)The Forge Livia Sandals

For further reading/watching:
GIMP 2.10 Basics: Complete Overview Tutorial for Beginners 2018
GIMP Tutorial 5: 5 things you didn't know GIMP could do
How to Blur Backgrounds in GIMP 2.10 - Shallow Depth of Field Effect
How To Blur The Background In GIMP (Create Shallow Depth of Field)
GIMP tutorial: Using the blur filters |
Mastering Layers & Masks in GIMP
Gimp Clone Tool Tutorial - [ gimp tutorial for beginners - gimp clone stamp tool ]
GIMP Basics 2018: Intro to Layers and Advanced Layers (GIMP 2.10)
Editing with Cassie: Color Burns and Overlays

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