The New Subscription Box In SL Town: The Second Life Syndicate Crate

I want to talk to you about this new subscription box that is coming out really soon!! If you are anything like me, you are still weeping over the fact that both Builder’s box AND Deco(c)rate have finished in world and there is no more monthly home and garden goodness to be had. I seriously LOVED both of these subscription boxes and was a regular purchaser. I loved being able to pre-purchase, check out the teasers, then finally opening the box was like Christmas EVERY TIME. The Deco(c)rate box was incredible. From it’s actual look to its animations…so SO good. But…while I can fill a whole post with the sadness and maudlin I feel at no longer having these to look forward to, that is not what this is about…

Second Life Syndicate are putting out the Second Life Syndicate Crates which are soon to be released! Each crate features 6 designers and sells for 1000L Preorder until the release date and then 1500L for the next 3 months after which the crates are officially retired.

SLS Upgrades Ad

The very first crate is one I am particularly interested in is called “Upgrades 1.0”, which is of course, Sci-FI Themed! SO let’s go through and check out who the first 6 designers to participate are:

  • Contraption sell Steampunk and cyber punk attachments (masks, prosthetics, etc.), as well as décor items, furniture and homewares. A lot of it is kind of horror/goth inspired and some of it reminds me of the story that you follow in the game Bioshock Infinite.
  • Deadly Nightshade sell Fantasy based Avatar Attachments (wings, horns), weaponry (swords Staffs, etc.), props and spell effects
  • Ex Machina have a variety of items on their Mainstore sim including Skyboxes, buildings and home décor. It’s all industrially themed based and seriously good quality original mesh.
  • Hilted. They also appear to have their own exclusive themed box in which you receive 5 items based on a theme for 500L preorder or 700L after. Hilted do a range of really cute home items, furniture and décor as well as some aimesh shoulder pets
  • This is Wrong do a range of truly exquisite handmade tattoos, clothing and shapes and makeup. I particularly liked their Dead Tree Body tattoo and the Moloch Makeup, both of which I HAD to buy while I was at the store.
  • Violetility. I had the best time in Violetility. Now they sell a range of props, homewares and fashion, as well as Kink adult props and tools. I actually spent quite a bit of Lindens in this store after I recorded there because I loved the statues and the overlarge book prop so much that I had to have them. You have to check this place out. I may have to do a Have you seen store exploration here because I loved it all.

Having such amazing designers in the first box bodes REALLY well for the quality of items we are going to receive and makes me look forward to this box even more. You can preorder your boxes at the Second Life Syndicate headquarters, SLS marketplace or participating stores from May 17th to May 31st. And also…the Second Life Syndicate headquarters is this great place to hang out and play some games. Its set out really nicely to encourage people to stay for awhile and meet people.

If you need any more information about this box, you can head over to SLS Discord Channel, Website, Facebook, Social VR, inworld group or their headquarters.

Let me know what you think of it when it comes out and also if you like Sci Fi and Cyberpunk Roleplay sims, check out Cocoon. I have been wandering around there as a visitor for a couple of weeks now and it looks INCREDIBLE!

The New Subscription Box  in Town
What the heck is happening in this photo: (Pose) Simple Bloom Poses Thinking Girl 07; (Head) Akeruka  Lulu; (Hair) !Oleander Tegan; (Skin) Lara Hurley Abby; (Body) Maitreya Lara; (Arm) Shu Mesh Nuada Arms Implant; (Monocle) Bauhaus Movement Verlaine Monocle ; (Wristband) Una&Mushilu Cyber Punk Wrist Band ; (Leg Band) :::SOLE::: GRPE C.Leg ; (Coat) Bakaboo Sora Top ; (Top) Alaskametro Karena Bralet ; (Pants) Stories & Co. Signature Vinyl Leggings ; (Shoes) Ingenue Britta Bootie

Second Life Syndicate Crates Webpage
Second Life Syndicate Facebook Page
Second Life Syndicate Social VR
Second Life Syndicate Flickr Group

Cocoon Space Station Slurl

Contraption Slurl
Contraption Flickr
Ex Machina Slurl
Ex Machina Marketplace
Ex Machina Flickr group
Deadly Nightshade Flickr
Deadly Nightsdhade Slurl
This is Wrong SLURL
This is wrong Flickr
Hilted Slurl
Hilted Flickr

2 Comments on “The New Subscription Box In SL Town: The Second Life Syndicate Crate

  1. Love this! Thank you so much for sharing, but most of all, thank you for your enthusiasm! It is so great to know the hard work our crew at SLS is paying off. We love to hear from people like this so you just made our day 🙂

    I also want to send a huge thank you for not only showing each store that is participating, but linking their information below for easy access. So very appreciated 🙂


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