Swallow by Vincent Priesley at the GBTH Project

Swallow Exhibit Vincent Priesley 1a cropshadow resize4mp 08042020I had a moment to pop into Second Life today and visit and installation by Vincent Priesley at the GBTH Project. It has been awhile since I have visited an online installation and I am pleased to say I was not disappointed. “Swallow” is a marvellously surreal piece that invites you to literally be swallowed by a monster dredged up from the psych of Priesley.

Swallow Exhibit Vincent Priesley 2a resize 4mp 08042020_001

It is an installation of words and imagery that pulls you through and invites you to look…and look again while all the time standing in a slightly disturbing landscape of an imaginary digestive system.

Swallow Exhibit Vincent Priesley 3a resize 4mp 08042020_001

Modernist artworks line the insides of the monsters…abstractions of loved ones represented through reliefs and cutout figures that have a naive, childlike and a little uncanny air about them.

Swallow Exhibit Vincent Priesley 4a resize 4mp 08042020_001

The mesh textures with advanced lighting on are truly a sensory experience while not at all slowing down the frame rate. I was truly impressed by the realism of the landscape I recommend that if you have a spare 10 minutes, pop on down to Swallow and check it out.

Swallow Exhibit Vincent Priesley 5a resize 4mp 08042020_001



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