GBTH x Rachel Breaker – Duality of Love: THEY

GBTH is putting on some seriously good installations. This particular one was excellent. I found it while wandering the streets of the GBTH sim after checking out Swallow by Vincent Priesley, and was met by emotion after emotion.

GBTH x Rachel Breaker
GBTH x Rachel Breaker “Duality of Love: They” Sketch Wall

Set out on the footpath, “Duality of Love : They”, depicts love in its many forms through digital sculptures. This exhibition that is also an installation is a beautiful example of complex simplicity. Each of the sculptures look like they are made of simple prims which is a naive creative choice that enhances the cohesiveness and impact of the installation.

GBTH x Rachel Breaker
(l to r) Serra Qendra: Perpetual Head Stroke Mmm,  Grady Echegaray: Love in the Time of War, Spectacled Chic: You Could Make My Heart Bloom, Lena Kiopaik: Anyone and No-one, Vally Lavender: Conflict, TW, Deity

The diversity of the couples in the crowd are beautiful and joyful, thoughtful and thought provoking. It really makes you consider the different ways of loving or being loved but also the ways in which love can be used as a manipulation of power.

GBTH x Rachel Breaker
(l to r) Aequitas: Untitled, Absinthe Holloway: Love is Love, Fiona Fei: Untitled, Lash: An Angel Sent.

Some of the sculptures also hold powerful social and political messages. I am one of those people who believe that in this time when being an artist is so undervalued,  making art in and of itself is a political act. I also believe that art can be an important tool for inspiring social and political change, so I am genuinely thrilled that artists here were not afraid to make statements on their pieces in order to inform and provoke thoughts and discussion.

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There is so much more to be said about this installation and on one of my visits I was incredibly fortunate to run into both Rachel Breaker and Marina Munter, the creative collaborators behind it all. I am so very grateful for the time they spent chatting with me about the ideas and process behind it all…but for all that information, you are going to have to check out the video that will be released next week!

GBTH x Rachel Breaker and Marin Munter4 08112020 lrps resize 4mp
(l to r) Marina Munter, Rachel Breaker and Mangrovejane Resident.


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