Artist Statement


My main purpose as an artist is to inspire people to look at the world and/or the materials I use in a different way. I provide filters of reflection by showing the outside world what my inside world is like.

I have a background in both Environmental Science and Art Education and this has contributed to my perspective on using my Art to explore environment. I have used art to explore physical environments and our place within them as well as to make commentary on environmental issues and concepts. I use a variety of media to create art from lino cut printing to weaving to large scale art installations, and a large proportion of the pieces I produce have a repurposed element to them.

I have current and future interests in new and emerging art forms. We can change the way people see the world by augmenting their realities or we can completely change their realities by immersing them in a new world. Virtual reality, augmented reality and in turn the psychology of the cyber are changing the way we produce art, think about it and interact with it. Installation art develops new meaning and scope within this genre where space is less physical and more conceptualised.

In short, I am an adventurer of the landscape of the mind, an explorer of physical and virtual environments, and a creator of fantastical things…


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Artist, Artsworker and Creator of Fantastical Things

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