Category: Second Life Building

The Mesh Generator

Want to build mesh in Second Life but don’t want to learn to use a 3rd party program? then I have a gadget for YOU!

All I Want Is a Home Somewhere…

What is a “home”? What is the importance of it and why do we feel the need to have one in a virtual world?

Living on the Mainland

I went looking for other people’s experiences of living on the Mainland in SL and couldn’t seem to find any. There are a few posts about living in Bay City but there is more to the mainland than that! I want to state straight… Continue Reading “Living on the Mainland”

Building From the Very Beginning (Part 1)

A post in which I start to try to unravel what I have learnt about building in SL so far…

The Builders Brewery

A post in which I feature THE BUILDERS BREWERY

The New House Build and Learning to Reference Second Life Creators

A post in which I show you around my new Second Life home

The First Five Days in the Second LIfe of Mangrovejane (Part 4)

A post in which I decide to build a little