The First Five Days in the Second LIfe of Mangrovejane (Part 4)

Day 5. Time to build. What shall I build? Got to start somewhere. Lets start with a box….

Handy Dandy BASIC Informational Interlude while building…..

The basic building blocks using the in world building tools are called Primitives or prims. They are three dimensional shapes that can be pushed, pulled, stretched, rotated, skewed, sliced…they can be given new textures, made transparent, be made to glow. They can be given physics in order to move in certain ways and each prim has a weight in the world.

Some things are measured in prims. Land for instance, is measured not just in size but also in the amount of weight in prims it can hold. This has been since superseded by the measurement Land Impact (LI), however, a rough rule of thumb here is that 1 prim = 1 LI (unless linked to other prims and then the formula gets a bit complicated and I am still unsure of that so I am certainly not going to try to explain that right now).

In the past few years, mesh has become a really popular way of building, especially with clothes. You will see a lot of mesh furniture and landscaping items as well for a number of reasons but one of the most useful applications when you are watching your LI value, is that you can make very low LI and prim value items with mesh as well as making them more finely detailed and realistic looking. These are usually made using third party programs such as Maya and Blender and uploaded into the world using some sort of computery type magic that once again, I am not knowledgeable enough to talk about at the moment. 😉

And one last thing, there are two really important groups in world that I found who are incredibly helpful and active and do not mind at all if you ask the most basic questions that they have probably heard a million times before (blush) and who also run building classes and games (like Primtionary, a game similar to Pictionary but instead of drawing, you build your word with prims!)…they are Builders Brewery and Ivory Tower of Primitives. If you get in world and you want to build anything at all, do a search for them in groups and JOIN. The SLurls to their sims are listed below in the references.

…4 hours later
Ok I ended up with a MONOLITH . I took photos and then accidentally ripped the base off. Yup. THAT happened. Because of course none of my pieces were actually linked up together like when you build textboxes and clip art together in word in a lovely and artistic way and then have to group them together so they stay together. <sigh> Then I spent a lot of time trying to fiddle it back on.

With a LOT of help from the lovely people in the Builders Brewery Group, I managed to get all my bits linked up and packed away. So now I give you….PRIM AND PROPER! TA DA!!!


You’re impressed. I can tell. And amused because it’s all made out of prims…and its prim and proper…get it? GET IT?!!! Oh nvm….

Builders Brewery Sim and School
Ivory Tower of Primitives

Second Life Knowledge Base: Build Tools
Second Life Wiki Articles: Good Building Practises

Basic Building Tutorial for Second Life Part 1 (of 2)

Basic Building Tutorial for Second Life Part 2 (of 2)

The First Five Days in the Second Life of Mangrovejane (Part 3)

You know who I am and why I am here by now. If you don’t, go back and read Posts 1 & 2 ya big slacker! Let’s get started shall we….

Days 3 and 4. Now what am I going to do? I have NO idea and no Money. Where are the quest markers? Where are the directions for where to go and what should happen? Why is it so hard to move around ANYWHERE? WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?!?!?!??!?!?! I may have hyperventilated into a bag a few times. I am a girl that likes goals and structure. I thrive with something to aim towards and a plan to get there. This was not at all that and I was not at all thriving. So I did what I would usually do in real life when faced with a fork in the road of my life, I point my steel capped boots in a direction and stomp off down the road.

This turned this day and the next into the best and least embarrassing days of them all to date.

I started looking for art galleries and installations. I used the in game search feature combined with my old friend google. I read some blogs, got some ideas and off I went. I spent two days lost in a haze of, “OMG” and “HOLY MACARENAS!!!!” and <jaw on the floor>.

I visited worlds that were surrealist installations, I visited galleries that housed contemporary art works done by people far more talented than I and galleries that held traditional works from classic artists.

I visited the Musee de Louvre.

musee-de-louvre_001Musee de Louvre

I saw an incredible world that was a pop art gallery of the Artist De Moya

moya-land_001Moya Land
and was blown away by a trippy Ars Simulcra installation world.

ars-simulcra_001Ars Simulcra entrance

I sighed that I had missed DC Spensley’s, “ Sky Dancers” by two years and that I had missed Bryn Oh’s, “ Singularity of Kumiko” by less than a month. I was inspired and thrilled. I couldn’t wait to see the next world and the next after that. I bookmarked them all with plans to return to each one and really LOOK at every little thing and every little detail.

I visited university campuses. The University of Western Australia where parts of the uwa_001actual university campus have been recreated in Second Life and where they hold classes and exhibit the students art works. The University of Texas San Antonio (aka UTSA Tejano Tech) that also holds revolving art exhibits of their students work in their ultramodern looking gallery that dominates the world that holds smaller installations all over.

In the back of my mind a small thought grew and with that thought a smile. I wrote that thought into my Masters proposal draft and dreamed dreams that seemed way too big and smiled a smile that was way too joyful and went to sleep seeing a new reality building itself in my mind.

Musee de Louvre
Moya Land
Ars Simulcra
University of Western Australia
UTSA (University of Texas San Antonio)

Bryn Oh

The First Five Days in the Second Life of Mangrovejane (Part 2)

I am a real life artist who has never dealt with digital art. I have never even used photoshop. I really like the feeling of a pen scratching over paper or the physical aspects of putting together a large installation.

So WHY Second Life I hear you asking. Well…I was exploring the nature of reality and playing with the idea of virtualities and virtual worlds as platforms for Art and Second Life came up the most in the articles I was reading. There are other places…Inworldz,and IMVU for instance, but I didn’t just want a social platform (which is what IMVU appears to be) and Inworldz at the moment does not compete population wise. Even though Second Life has been around for 13 years now, it has kept up and still holds a decent population base. (For a more thorough history and timeline check out Daniel Voyager’s Blog post Recap of Second Life History 1999 to 2013 or The History of Second Life Wiki)

And because I couldn’t really wrap my head around what a virtual installation would look like or how a simulation like Second life actually functioned in a cultural, creative, philosophical and economic sense,I read some more about it, asked some people….and here I am at…

caledon-oxbridge-university1st-avatar_001Day 2. The Social Factor. With all the bad press about the sexual exploits of Second Life and the sordid tales of my teenage son telling me all about sexual practices I would rather have not known about at all ringing loudly in my ears the very first interaction I had with someone as I stood in a beginners area called Caledon went something like this…

Random Lovely Person: Hi!
Me: (hesitates for a very long time before cautiously typing) Hi
Random Lovely Person: I see you are new. Can I help you with anything?
Me: NO! I’m fine! All good here!! No worries at all!!!! Thanks anyway!!! BYE NOW!!!
Random Lovely person: OK. Well if you need anything at all, let me know. I am here to help.

U-huh. I was just congratulating myself on getting through my first social exchange without being recruited as a sex slave in a BDSM parlour and reading through the tutorials on how to change my clothes when the next thing I knew I was naked. Not just a little bit naked…but naked as the day I was born naked.

Now, just to make this obvious for those of you who have never been here before, some caledon-oxbridge-university1st-avatar-no-nudity_001zones in Second Life are strictly NO NUDITY ZONES. I was clearly in one of those zones. There were large signs everywhere telling people to keep their clothes on. There were also signs telling vampires not to bite people too but that is by the by….I could feel the blush on my real life face. I frantically rattled through my inventory searching for clothes to throw on while simultaneously trying to read the signs telling me how to put clothes on when this exchange happened…

Another random lovely person: Hi there. Is there any way I can help you today?
Me: Errrmmmm ummmmmmmm I appear to be naked. I am terribly sorry for my unclothed state. I am trying to put clothes on. Please don’t throw me out naked into the world. I was just trying to change my clothes as per the instructions on your board and….well….nakedness.
Another random lovely person: Yes, You do in fact appear to have no clothes on. Would you like to hop into a dressing room? It is more private there.
Me: I don’t know what they look like but I think I know how to put a shirt on….(fumbles around the settings a whole lot and manages to take off my skin)
Another random lovely person: No worries…Let me help you….

And that lovely person gave me quick step by step instructions on how to put my clothes back on. After which I thanked him very nicely and left very quickly.


New Caledon Oxbridge University SLurl
Daniel Voyager, Recap of Second Life History 1999 – 2013
Second Life Wiki – History of Second Life

The First Five Days in the Second Life of Mangrovejane Part 1 (or a really long blog post in 4 parts…you pick the title)

Well hello there! How YOU doing?

I guess I should introduce myself and tell you what I am doing here. My online name for as long as I have been online is Mangrovejane. You know…like the fish, Mangrove Jack only the female version. I chose this name a long time ago because at the time I was studying Environmental Science and had a great love for Mangroves. Yes. The trees. Don’t make me justify that. Just accept it.

I am an artist. And an arts worker. A creator of Fantastical Things. An explorer of virtualities and a philosopher on the nature of realities. I am currently in the process of applying for postgraduate studies in Art. I’ll let you know how that goes 😉

So….after reading a number of journal articles about art in a simulated online world called, “Second Life” and thinking about my Masters Proposal I came up with this BRILLIANT (ridiculous) idea of starting my own second life avatar to see what this was all about and whether it would actually be possible for me to make the mental leap from real life art to virtual art. I was also insatiably curious about what Art and Art Galleries and installations LOOKED like in Second Life. It is one thing to read about it and be told, but when you are in there…immersed into the simulation things are often very different.

So what have the past 5 days been like for me? To quote a song from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory…

“Come with me and you’ll be in a world of pure imagination……”

Second Life Birthdate 25 August 2016

Day 1. Make my avatar and play tutorial. No worries. Piece of cake. I am not a gaming noob. I have played the Sims! I have an active WOW account! Nope. Turns out, I am an idiot AND a noob.

I chose a standard avatar. One with Tattoos and glasses….YEAH BABY! Actually…I have tattoos and glasses and stupid hair in real life. I may have just picked me. Yup…I could have chosen to be Ms. Sexy McSexpot but nooo….I choose awkward nerdy socially maladjusted woman.

As my son said, “Just as boring in your second life as you are in your first life…” Thanks son.

So, the first thing after choosing my avatar and pondering the psychological implications of that, was to get through the tutorial. Now, I should mention that they make tutorials easy for a reason. They WANT you to be able to get through learning the most basic things without feeling like you are a complete noob so you keep on playing. I should also mention here that I have NEVER been good at jumping in games. Not ever. I feel like it is my disability. So when confronted with a test to jump over three gaps in a walkway during the tutorial, I had a small panic attack and then proceeded to fail 62 times. Yes…you read that correctly I said SIXTY TWO TIMES. I am not only jumping impaired, I am excruciatingly stubborn.

And once I had finally made my way out of the tutorial and got thrown into a place called social island, overwhelmed and exhausted from all that jumping around, my first day in my second life ended.

Second Life