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She Exhibition Piece 4 – She Fell

Part 4 in the SHE narrative examining the mental struggle mindscape. And then…came the fall.

She Exhibition Piece 3 – She Wanted To Be Seen.

Part 3 in the SHE narrative examining the mental struggle mindscape. What happens when you keep silent about the struggle? Well you are going to find out when She wants to be seen…

She Exhibition Piece 2 – She Won’t Say A Word

This is the explanation of the 2nd piece and the 2nd installment of the story in my narrative exhibition, “SHE” examining the mental struggle mindscape.

She Exhibition Art Piece 1 – She Was So Little

She Was So Little is the first piece in the SHE Exhibition which is a series that is a narrative journey through acceptance of the mental struggle mindscape.

SHE – a narrative journey though acceptance of the mental struggle mindscape.

At the moment, I am exhibiting a series of works 1.5 years in the making, but much longer in the dreaming. SHE is being exhibited at Gallery 4017 in Brisbane.

It’s time for a new exhibition!

All artworks from the exhibition will be for sale both online here and in the gallery. Prints and stickers will be on sale on the event night of the exhibition at the gallery and online here thereafter.

GBTH x Rachel Breaker – Duality of Love: THEY

A quick review of the wonderful exhibition of GBTH and Rachel Breaker! Duality of Love: They.

Swallow by Vincent Priesley at the GBTH Project

A wander through “Swallow” by Vincent Priesley at the GBTH Art Project in Second Life.

It has been a whole hot minute…

Mmhmmm…It sure has. The short story is this…I needed some time after I finished my degree to process things and just sit in the quiet for awhile and feel everything that I had stomped down into a deep dark corner of myself so I… Continue Reading “It has been a whole hot minute…”

Vlogblog Week 4 (Week Ending 23/08/2019) It’s EXHIBITION time!

Week 4 and we are finally at EXHIBITION TIME!! First week of exhibition and it is QUITE the week!!