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Being Inspired.

Sometimes you have to get out of your comfort zone and go on an adventure!

In Search of Inspiration

A post in which I try to find some inspiration to bash down the creative block in my mind.

To Try and Fail

Five weeks ago, I started my postgraduate studies in Art. To be exact, I am studying for my Masters of Art in Visual Art at the Queensland College of Art, Griffith University. It has been quite the learning curve for my whole family. A… Continue Reading “To Try and Fail”

What is a Virtuality?

A post that look WAY too long to write because the philosophy of it all twisted, turned and threw me into a ditch.

An Excursion, Exhibitions and Diversions

A post in which I do as 80s Australian Band, Boom Crash Opera says and Get out of the House.

Arts and the VET-HELP Funding Cuts in Australia

A post in which the ranty pants go on about recent changes in the Arts Budget

What is Art Anyway?

A post in which I ramble on for a bit about what art is to me

Art vs. Science vs. Philosophy

A post in which I debate which came first…the art, the science or the philosophy

Let’s start from the (almost) beginning

I post in which I explain what is with all the Second Life stuff