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What Now?

What now? Time to find out…

She Exhibition Piece 11 – She Wanted to be a Part of That World Again.

Part 11 of the 12 part series that is the SHE narrative that examine the mental struggle mindscape. She is ready, and she wants to be a part of that world again.

GBTH x Rachel Breaker – Duality of Love: THEY

A quick review of the wonderful exhibition of GBTH and Rachel Breaker! Duality of Love: They.

Swallow by Vincent Priesley at the GBTH Project

A wander through “Swallow” by Vincent Priesley at the GBTH Art Project in Second Life.

Every Great Dream Begins with a Dreamer

“Soul, I Hear You Calling.” Mangrovejane Resident Digital Online Photography 6016px x 3316px Some days I sit at my desk and I dream. Sometimes I dream of a new beginning, new people, new adventures. Sometimes I dream of lines and shapes and colours. Sometimes… Continue Reading “Every Great Dream Begins with a Dreamer”

Just an Ordinary Girl

Playing around with identity and GIMP

Exhibitionist! (in both lives)

What’s the difference between exhibiting in the physical world and a virtual one? Let me try to explain a little…

Sweet Dreams Are Made of These

Who am I to disagree?

(SecondLife) An Outing to Ladies Room @ The Hills Gallery

Whenever I teleport into any place I have a momentary confusion as the world fills itself inĀ around me. Quite often, when you teleport into a place, you have to look around for a bit to find where you are supposed to go or at… Continue Reading “(SecondLife) An Outing to Ladies Room @ The Hills Gallery”

Fighting the Prejudice of Bad Press

A post in which a get a little bit rantypants