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The Great Supanova Con Virgin Experience…

What a wild ride THAT was. This was my thoughts on my very first booth in the artists alley of Supernova 2022. Now, I am going to sleep for the next week…

Ending an Exhibition and Starting Back at Life.

The end of the exhibition, some thoughts and meanderings.

VlogBlog Week 3 (Week Ending 16/08/2019) Time for Installation Practice

It’s week 3 of my VlogBlog and time to get in some Installation practice!

The Ending of One Year and the Beginning of Another

What the heck happened last year? And What is coming up for me this year?

Being Inspired.

Sometimes you have to get out of your comfort zone and go on an adventure!

(SecondLife) An Outing to Ladies Room @ The Hills Gallery

Whenever I teleport into any place I have a momentary confusion as the world fills itself in around me. Quite often, when you teleport into a place, you have to look around for a bit to find where you are supposed to go or at… Continue Reading “(SecondLife) An Outing to Ladies Room @ The Hills Gallery”

An Excursion, Exhibitions and Diversions

A post in which I do as 80s Australian Band, Boom Crash Opera says and Get out of the House.