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8f8 Storyteller’s Burrow Gacha Set

Sooooo…I opened a little gacha resell shop. Gacha in Second Life is based on Gachapon toys from Japan. You basically put in a small amount of money and receive a random thing from a set of items. Some of the gacha machines in SL can get EXTRAVAGANT in the sets that they are selling. The incredible sets of 8f8 are an example of how complex they can actually get and it is amazing how caught up you can get in trying to get a whole set. Part of the appeal of these things is that they are NOT copyable but they ARE transferable. So you only get one of the item, but you can resell it or gift it if you like. Each gacha machine has a number of commons and a rare item or 2 in it. What you get is strictly governed by chance.

I opened up the shop for a few reasons…Firstly, I just thought it would be fun to have a little shop of my own and make it look sort of cute and how I wanted it. Secondly, I have an OVERABUNDANCE of gacha that I won’t ever use. Even WITH trying to palm them off on my friends, I still have a lot leftover. And thirdly…and this is a hang up from my first life I think…I just like seeing things get used or passed on to someone who will use them. I like displaying the little knick knacks and furniture. And lastly…how DO we get rid of things in Secondlife that we get and can pass on like this? I HAVE sold things on the marketplace before, but I don’t know…I sort of liked the idea of this and wanted to compare how the two went.

Everything in my shop is priced quite low (between 25& 75L for commons and up to 250L for rares). I know I could get more for the things I put in there if I really wanted to. The stuff I have on my Marketplace is priced much higher. Most of it is less than what I originally paid for the thing in the first place, but it was more of an experiment really. I am not sure if they will sell or even whether the selling of the things will make rent, which could be quite honestly, the WORST business plan I have ever thought of in my lifetime. But it keeps me busy and quite honestly, I pay 200L per week to have a bit of fun and display some of the neat gacha items I have come across in world. I pay more than that on MANY other things, so in my head, whether things sell or not, I am ok with it.

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The other thing I really like doing when I go to visit my shop is to wander around the sim itself (ok…it’s actually THREE sims but that is not the point). I like to look at other people’s stores and see what they have out and if there is anything I might like to buy. It’s like trawling through a whole sim of Second Hand and Antique stores. It certainly has that feeling of rummaging around in a second hand store looking for treasures or little doodads. Some people have set things up really well. I like the little shops that have themes or are of the moment. There are quite a few Halloween shops at the moment, for example.

The sim itself is really pleasant and well run. It’s not a mall, it is just like a little (or large) shopping village. I have been to gacha places and yard sales that are like huge junkyards filled with gacha boxes places any which way and hovertext so cramped together that you can’t even read it. they are a visual headache. So when I came across this place, I was so pleasantly surprised, that it felt like my 200L rental fee was actually what I would have paid in a tier donation anyway just to keep the place going.

So now I have FULLY justified that (in my mind at least), pop on over and have a look at my new place, “ALL THE THINGS” on Gacha Shack 2. While you are there…why not grab yourself a bargain and take a souvenir home with you? 😀

All the Things Shop2 22102017_001


Gashapon – Wikipedia

Storyteller’s Burrow Gacha Key Photo taken from 8F8 – Storyteller’s Burrow – Arcade|Love to Decorate SL

SLurl to All The Things store on Gacha Shack 2 Sim

3 Comments on “All the Things

  1. Cute last photo (: My avi visited your shop and bought two hovering balloons… the really cool one, with the stars on it, is obviously a fave of yours… (:

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    • OH! It’s so nice to hear you went! I’m so glad you found something you liked and that it went to a good home! 🙂 I’ve only just realised I forgot to put the stars one and the sunflower one up for sale!!! I have fixed that now.

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